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Corporate gig

Since every is different it's hard to say what your price will be. But i'll give you an exemple. 

A corporate gig could have a background set for when the guests arrive which I find relaxing and setting a great tone for the rest of the night. 

Then maybe a quiz in teams of 5-6 persons if you want the guests to learn a little about each other.

Then two partysets and DJing inbetween. (There's also more musicians if you'd like. We can be a duo or trio as well but this price is for me alone). This package also include the soundsystem. 

Price starting from 12000 (up to about 20000 at most)


Cocktail/mingle set, wedding dance, party sets, DJ and all equipment needed. Sent me an e-mail for more details on how to get your wedding or venue as good as possible! 

Price starting from 12000 (up to about 16000)


Starting from 10000, but drop me a line and I'm sure we'd work something out! 

Phone: Swe 0704-785242

Address: Östra Larmgatan 18, Göteborg


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